Mtn Midnight Plan – Mtn 25 Naira Night Plan Code

Mtn 25 Naira Night Plan is an Mtn 500mb Midnight plan package activated with 25 naira. This package promo is part of Mtn Pulse plan. The Mtn midnight plan is also called Mtn pulse free night browsing.

Mtn 25 Naira Night Plan  only works on Mtn Pulse.

Mtn 25 Naira Night browsing Code

Simply dial USSD *406# and reply with 1

How to Subscribe to Mtn 25 Naira Night Plan (500MB)

    • To subscribe  to Mtn 25 Naira night browsing, you must be on Mtn pulse. To migrate to Mtn pulse, dial *406# and reply with 1.
    • Make sure you have a minimum of 25 naira on your phone or modem.
    • Text Night to 131.
  • You will receive a success message that reads

Dear customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00. N25 has been deducted from your account. you can also read Mtn Xtracash – How to qualify for Mtn Xtra Cash

Mtn 25 naira night plan

how to check Mtn night plan data balance.

Mtn 25 naira night browsing does not have official USSD Code to check it’s balance. But you can check Mtn night browsing data balance by checking data usage on your Android phone.  If you are browsing on your computer, you can use Mtn Fastlink statistics interface on computer to measure the amount of data that has been used.


How to use mtn 25 naira night plan during the day

Mtn 25 naira night browsing can only work in the night  between 12am – 4am. You cannot use it during the day and you must be on Mtn pulse plan for it to work. But if you have been able to use this plan during the day, please comment below so that other users can learn from you. Read also how to check mtn awuf balance

MTN pulse

Mtn Night plan 2018 Issues

  • 1. Most Mtn Pulse plan subscribers have been facing  issues of the 25 naira midnight plan stopping before using up to 500MB. This happens when you subscribe to Mtn 500mb for N25 night plan early, before 12 midnight. So make sure you only send Night to 131 after 12 midnight and above, to avoid that.


  • 2. The night plan can only be activated on once per night on one line., but you can use different Mtn Sim to activate and get more than 500mb per night. you can get up to 2GB to browse and download at a cheap price of N100 with 4 different sim cards.


  • 3. This Midnight night plan can only work between 12pm – 4am.

You can read more about mtn pulse and midnight plan at mtn


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