Taraba State Postal Code

This is a Complete list of Taraba State Postal Code of towns, local government and Villages. Taraba State Zip code is the same as Postal code or Taraba State Postcode. Below we have the full list of postal code for local government area and their district.

This list is organized by areas, districts and street. Mostly all the street in each area have the same postal/zip code. The Taraba State state Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each streets. The streets are under the area .

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Please take note that Taraba State Zip code is the same as Postal code.

List of Taraba State Postal Code, Towns, Villages and  L.G.A

Local Governments

Towns / Villages

Ardo Kola L.G.A

Bali L.G.A

Donga L.G.A

Gashaka L.G.A

Gassol L.G.A

Ibi L.G.A

Jalingo L.G.A

Karim-Lamido L.G.A

Kurmi L.G.A

Lau L.G.A

Sardauna L.G.A

Takum L.G.A

Ussa L.G.A

Wukari L.G.A

Yorro L.G.A

Zing L.G.A

Ardo Kola Ardo Kola

Bakundi Bali

Dakka Bali

Donga Donga

Gashaka Gashaka

Gassol Gassol

Mutum Biyu Gassol

Dampara Ibi

Ibi Ibi

Sarkin Kudu Ibi

Jalingo (Rural) Jalingo


Abuja / Mayo Dasa/ Jalingo

Barade Ward Jalingo

Dorawa Jalingo

Emirs Palace /Central Market/ Jalingo

House of Assembly Jalingo

Kofai A/ Nunkal A Jalingo

Kofai B/ Nunkai B/ Awoniyi Qtrs Jalingo

Magami Jalingo

Mayo Gwoi/ A. J. Owonniyi Estate Jalingo

Nassarawa (Jeka Da Fari Jalingo

Presidential Lodge Jalingo

Tudun Wada Jalingo

Unguwan Gadi Jalingo

Yelwa A Jalingo

Yelwa B Jalingo

Oldmuri Karim-Lamido

Wurkum Karim-Lamido

Kurmi Kurmi

Abbare Lau

Gowe Lau

Karlahi Lau

Kunini Lau

Lau Lau

Mambilla Sardauna

Takum Takum

Ussa Ussa

Arufu Wukari

Auyi Wukari

Bantaje Wukari

Chonku Wukari

Gidan Idi Wukari

Kente Wukari

Rafin Kada Wukari

Wukari Wukari

Kwaji Yorro

Mumuye Yorro

Bitako Zing

Bugong Zing

Dinding Zing

lemman Zing

Monkin Zing

Yakoko Zing

Zing Zing

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Nigeria Postal code & Zip Codes

Nigeria Postal code consist of six numeic digits. There are six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, which are North East, North West, North Central, South South, South East, South West.

Taraba State postal code