Osun State Postal Code

This is a Complete list of Osun State Postal Code of towns, local government and Villages. Osun State Zip code is the same as Postal code or Osun State Postcode. Below we have the full list of postal code for local government area and their district.

This list is organized by areas, districts and street. Mostly all the street in each area have the same postal/zip code. The Osun State state Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each streets. The streets are under the area .

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Please take note that Osun State Zip code is the same as Postal code.

List of Osun State Postal Code, Towns, Villages and  L.G.A

Local Governments

Towns / Villages

Aiyedade L.G.A Zip Codes

Aiyedire L.G.A Zip Codes

Atakunmosa East L.G.A Zip Codes

Atakunmosa West L.G.A Zip Codes

Boluwaduro L.G.A Zip Codes

Boripe L.G.A Zip Codes

Ede North L.G.A Zip Codes

Ede South L.G.A Zip Codes

Egbedore L.G.A Zip Codes

Ejigbo L.G.A Zip Codes

Ife North L.G.A Zip Codes

Ife South L.G.A Zip Codes

Ifedayo L.G.A Zip Codes

Ila L.G.A Zip Codes

Irewole L.G.A Zip Codes

Isokan L.G.A Zip Codes

Iwo L.G.A Zip Codes

Obokun L.G.A Zip Codes

Odo-Otin L.G.A Zip Codes

Ola Oluwa L.G.A Zip Codes

Olorunda L.G.A Zip Codes

Oriade L.G.A Zip Codes

Orolu L.G.A Zip Codes

Gbongan Aiyedade

Ode-Omu Aiyedade

Orile Owu Aiyedade

Ile Ogbo Aiyedire

Kuta Aiyedire

Oke Osun (Alabata) Aiyedire

Olupona Aiyedire

Ajebamidele Atakunmosa East

Eti-Oni Atakunmosa East

Ipole Atakunmosa East

Iwara Atakunmosa East

Epe/Ifelodun Atakunmosa West

Ibodi Atakunmosa West

Ifewara Atakunmosa West

Isaobi Atakunmosa West

Itagunmodi Atakunmosa West

Muroko Atakunmosa West

Okebode Atakunmosa West

Osu Atakunmosa West

Eripa Boluwaduro

Igbajo Boluwaduro

Iresi Boluwaduro

Aagba/ Ororuwo Boripe

Ada Boripe

Iragbiji Boripe

Iree Boripe

Ede Ede North

Alajue Ede South

Sekona Ede South

Ara Egbedore

Awo Egbedore

Ido Osun Egbedore

Ikotun Egbedore

Iragberi Egbedore

Iwoye / Origo Egbedore

Ojo Egbedore

Okinni Egbedore

Ejigbo Ejigbo

Ife-Odan Ejigbo

Ilawo Ejigbo

Olla Ejigbo

Ife Central

Aba Coker Ife Central

Eleyele Ife Central

Ikoyi Ife Central

Ilare Ife Central

Ilode Ife Central

Iremo Ife Central

More Ife Central

O.A.U Ife Central

Okerewe Ife Central

Opa Ife Central

Oranmiyan Shrine Ife Central

Ashipa / Akinlalu Ife North

Edunabon Ife North

Famia Ife North

Ipetumodu (Rural)/Yakoyo Ife North

Moro Ife North

Oyere I Ife North

Oyere II Ife North

Abiri Ife South

Aye-Amodo Ife South

Ifetedo Ife South

Kere Ife South

Mefoworade Omifunfun / Ife South

Oke-Owena /Gbengbeleku/ Ife South

Olode Ife South

Osi / Ara / Joshua Ife South

Oke Ila Ifedayo

Ora Ifedayo

Ijebu Ijesa

Igbon Iloro Ijebu Ijesa

Ire Akari Ijebu Ijesa

Irepodun Ijebu Ijesa

Odo Afin Ijebu Ijesa

Odo Ese Ijebu Ijesa

Odo Oja Ijebu Ijesa

Odogo Ijebu Ijesa

Ogbon Ogbeje Ijebu Ijesa

Oke Inisa Ijebu Ijesa

Temidire Ijebu Ijesa

Ila Ila


Abiola Ave. Ilesa

Araromi Okesa Ilesa

Asoko Quarters Ilesa

Ayeso Ilesa

Egbeide Ilesa

Federal Technical Collage Ilesa

General Hospital Ilesa

Government Quarters Ilesa

Ibala Ilesa

Idasa Ilesa

Ijoka Ilesa

Ilaje Quarters Ilesa

Ilerin Quarters Ilesa

Ilesa Local Government Ilesa

Imo Quarters Ilesa

Irojo Quarters Ilesa

Isida Ilesa

Isokuh Ilesa

leventis Agric Farm Ilesa

Obokun High School Ilesa

Odundun Ilesa

Oke Ese Ilesa

Oke Eso Igbaye Ilesa

Oke Iro Ilesa

Oke omiru Ilesa

Oke Ooye Ilesa

Oke Opo Quarters Ilesa

Okeiyin Ilesa

Okeola Ilesa

Old Akure Rd. Ilesa

Oromu Quarters Ilesa

OSADEP Zonal Office Ilesa

Palace Ilesa

Stadium Ilesa


Aiyetoro Orungun Ipetumodu

Aroje Ipetumodu

Isale Apata Ipetumodu

Isale Ola Quarters Ipetumodu

Sooko Ipetumodu

SUSU Ipetumodu

Ikire Irewole

Apomu Isokan

Ikoyi Isokan

Agberire Iwo

Iwo Iwo


Ade Owo Modakeke

Akarabata Modakeke

Alapata Modakeke

Aranse Olukoola Modakeke

Ayanshola Modakeke

Bosa St. Modakeke

Esuyare Quarters Modakeke

Iraye St. Modakeke

Ogbadore Modakeke

Oke D.O Rd. Modakeke

Oke Ola Modakeke

Oke Otubu Quarters Modakeke

Okeyidi Modakeke

Eesun/Ido-Oko Obokun

Esa Odo Obokun

Esa-Oke Obokun

Ibokun Obokun

Ilahun / Ikinyinwa Obokun

Ilare Obokun

Ilase / Idominasi Obokun

lmesi-Ile Obokun

Otan-Ile Obokun

Asi / Asaba /Oyan Odo-Otin

Ekosin / Iyeku Odo-Otin

Faji/Opete/ Igbaye Odo-Otin

Ijabe/ Ila / Odo Odo-Otin

Inisa / Obe / Agbeye Odo-Otin

Okua / Ekusa Odo-Otin

Okuku Odo-Otin

Ajagba / Iwo Oke Ola Oluwa

Asa/ajagun-lase Ola Oluwa

Asamu Ola Oluwa

Bode Osi Ola Oluwa

Ikire Ile / Iwara Ola Oluwa

Isero/ Ikonifin Ola Oluwa

Obamoro/Ile-Ogo Ola Oluwa

Ogbaagba Ola Oluwa

Telemu Ola Oluwa

Oba-Ife/Oba-Oke Olorunda

Erin-Oke/Erin-Ijesa Oriade

Erinmo / Iwaraja Oriade

Ijebu-Jesa Rarul Oriade

Ijeda / Iloko Oriade

Ikeji Arakeji/ Oriade

Ikeji-Ile Oriade

Ipetu-Ijesa Oriade

Iwoye Oriade

Ifon Orolu


Aiyetoro Oshogbo

Alekuwodo Oshogbo

Dada Estate Oshogbo

Fagbewesa Oshogbo

Idi Seke Oshogbo

Ita Olokan Oshogbo

Kola Balogun Oshogbo

Odiolowo Oshogbo

Ogooluwa Oshogbo

Oke Oniti Oshogbo

Okefia Oshogbo

Omo West Oshogbo

Ota Efun Oshogbo

Ring Rd. Oshogbo

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Nigeria Postal code & Zip Codes

Nigeria Postal code consist of six numeic digits. There are six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, which are North East, North West, North Central, South South, South East, South West.

Osun State postal code