Odeya Okitipupa Postal Code

This is a Complete list of Odeya Okitipupa Postal Code, Towns and Villages. Odeya Okitipupa Zip code is the same as Postal code or Odeya Okitipupa Postcode. Below we have the full list of postal code for district area.

This list is organized by areas, districts and street. Mostly all the street in each area have the same postal/zip code. The Odeya Okitipupa Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each streets. The streets are under the area .

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Please take note that Odeya Okitipupa Zip code is the same as Postal code.

List of Odeya Okitipupa Postal Code and  Districts

TownZip Code
Abusoro Camp 350108
Abusoro Village 350108
Adegboraye Camp 350108
Aduwo Camp 350108
Agbabu Camp 350108
Agbabu Village 350108
Agbaje Village 350108
Ago Oloja 350108
Ajegunle 350108
Akeun Camp 350108
Akinrinleye Camp 350108
Batedo camp 350108
Ekelen Camp 350108
Epowe 350108
Gbude Camp 350108
Idebi Village 350108
Idogun Village 350108
Igbo Olofin 350108
Igboluwaye 350108
Igoloye 350108
Igorisa village 350108
Ikoloma Village 350108
Ilutitun Camp 350108
Irokin Village 350108
Isowa Village 350108
Ladan Village 350108
Ladawo Village 350108
Lafe village 350108
Lagbigidi Camp 350108
Lagboja Village 350108
Lapeti 350108
Likaje Camp 350108
Likare Village 350108
Loda Camp 350108
Lumeko Village 350108
Luwoye Camp 350108
Mile 1 camp 350108
Modebiayo Camp 350108
Mulekagbo 350108
Odofin Village 350108
Ogunmade Village 350108
Oha camp 350108
Ojabale Village 350108
Ojokodo Village 350108
Ojomo Village 350108
Okamisa 350108
Oke 350108
Okerisa Village 350108
Olibo Camp 350108
Oloijau Village 350108
Oluwa Village 350108
Omidu 350108
Ominla Village 350108
Orokan 350108
Owe Camp 350108
Rain 350108
Uboke Camp 350108
Umobi Village 350108
Umoboro Village 350108
Yasere Village 350108
Yeabata Camp 350108
Zeba Camp 350108
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Nigeria Postal code & Zip Codes

Nigeria Postal code consist of six numeic digits. There are six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, which are North East, North West, North Central, South South, South East, South West.

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