Edo State Postal Code

This is a Complete list of Edo State Postal Code of towns, local government and Villages. Edo State Zip code is the same as Postal code or Edo State Postcode. Below we have the full list of postal code for local government area and their district.

This list is organized by areas, districts and street. Mostly all the street in each area have the same postal/zip code. The Edo State state Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each streets. The streets are under the area .

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Please take note that Edo State Zip code is the same as Postal code.

List of Edo State Postal Code, Towns, Villages and  L.G.A

Local Governments

Towns / Villages

Akoko-Edo L.G.A Zip Codes

Egor L.G.A Zip Codes

Esan Central L.G.A Zip Codes

Esan North East L.G.A Zip Codes

Esan South East L.G.A Zip Codes

Esan West L.G.A Zip Codes

Etsako Central L.G.A Zip Codes

Etsako East L.G.A Zip Codes

Etsako West L.G.A Zip Codes

Igueben L.G.A Zip Codes

Ikpoba Okha L.G.A Zip Codes

Oredo L.G.A Zip Codes

Orhionmwon L.G.A Zip Codes

Ovia North East L.G.A Zip Codes

Ovia South Eest L.G.A Zip Codes

Owan East L.G.A Zip Codes

Owan West L.G.A Zip Codes

Uhunmwonde L.G.A Zip Codes

Akuku/Ewan Akoko-Edo

Central Akoko/North Akoko-Edo

Igarra/East Akoko Akoko-Edo

Ikpeshi-Egbegbere/Atje Akoko-Edo

Kakumo-Anyanran Akoko-Edo

North Akoko Akoko-Edo

North-East Akoko Akoko-Edo

Okpe-Ijaja Akoko-Edo

Okukusho/Central Akoko-Edo

Ososo Akoko-Edo

Benin City

Benin City Town

Ekenhaun Benin City

Ekosodin Village Benin City

Etete Benin City

Evbotube Benin City

Ewemade Village Benin City

G.R.A Benin City

Ihogben Benin City

Ikpoba Benin City

Iwogban Benin City


Ogbelaka Benin City

Ohovbeokao Benin City

Oregbeni Benin City

Ugbekun Benin City

Ugbowo Benin City

Uhumwuimwu Benin City

Use Benin City

Uselu Benin City

Uwelu Benin City

Use Egor

Ebelle Esan Central

Ewossa Esan Central

Ewu Esan Central

Igueben Esan Central

Irrua Esan Central

Opoji Esan Central

Ugbegun Esan Central

Uromi Esan North East

Uzea Esan North East

Emu Esan South East

Equare-Ewatto Esan South East

Ewohimi Esan South East

Ifeku Esan South East

Ilushi Esan South East

Inyenlen Esan South East

ohordua Esan South East

Okhu-Essan Esan South East

Onog-Holo Esan South East

Oria Esan South East

Orowa Esan South East

Ubiaja Esan South East

Udo Esan South East

Uroh Esan South East

Eghoro Esan West

Ekpoma Esan West

Idoa Esan West

Naoka Esan West

Ogwa Esan West

Ujiogba Esan West

Ukhun Esan West

Urohi Esan West

Ekperi Etsako Central

Fugar-Avianwu Etsako Central

Okpekpe Etsako Central

Okpella Etsako Central

South Uneme Etsako Central

Three Ibies Etsako Central

Weppa-Wano Etsako East

Auchi Etsako West

Aviele Etsako West

Awain Etsako West

Jagbe Etsako West

South Ibie Etsako West

Uzairue-Jattu Etsako West

Amahor Igueben

Ekpon Igueben

Ugun Igueben

Ogbeson Ikpoba Okha

Okha/Ologbo Ikpoba Okha

Ogbe Oredo

Aibiokunla Orhionmwon

Igbanke Orhionmwon

Oloten Orhionmwon

Ugboko Orhionmwon

Ugu Orhionmwon

Urho-Nigbe Orhionmwon

Adolor Ovia North East

Iguoshodin Ovia North East

Isiuwa Ovia North East

Kokhuo Ovia North East

Oduna Ovia North East

Ofunm-Wengbe Ovia North East

Oghede Ovia North East

Okada Ovia North East

Oluku Ovia North East

Uhen Ovia North East

Uhiere Ovia North East

Utoka Ovia North East

Iguoba-Zuwa Ovia South Eest

Nikoro-Gha Ovia South Eest

Ofunama Ovia South Eest

Ora Ovia South Eest

Siluko Ovia South Eest

Udo Ovia South Eest

Ugbogue Ovia South Eest

Umaza Ovia South Eest

Usen Ovia South Eest

Emai Owan East

Igue Owan East

Ihievbe Owan East

Ikao Owan East

Ivbi-Mion Owan East

Ive-Ada-Obi Owan East

Otuo Owan East

Uokha Owan East

Iuleha Owan West

Ora Owan West

Ozalla Owan West


Ebhuru Quarters I I Ubiaja

Ebhuru Quarters I Ubiaja

Egbemije Ubiaja

G.R.A Ubiaja

Old Ilushi Ubiaja

Oyomon Quarters Ubiaja

Ukpaja Quarters Ubiaja

Egbede Uhunmwonde

Ehor Uhunmwonde

Igieduma Uhunmwonde

Irhue Uhunmwonde

Isi North Uhunmwonde

Isi South Uhunmwonde

Uhi Uhunmwonde

Umagbae North Uhunmwonde

Umagbae South Uhunmwonde

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Nigeria Postal code & Zip Codes

Nigeria Postal code consist of six numeic digits. There are six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, which are North East, North West, North Central, South South, South East, South West.

Edo State postal code