Cross River State Postal Code

This is a Complete list of Cross River State Postal Code of towns, local government and Villages. Cross River State Zip code is the same as Postal code or Cross River State Postcode. Below we have the full list of postal code for local government area and their district.

This list is organized by areas, districts and street. Mostly all the street in each area have the same postal/zip code. The Cross River State state Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each streets. The streets are under the area .

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Please take note that Cross River State Zip code is the same as Postal code.

List of Cross River State Postal Code, Towns, Villages and  L.G.A

Local Governments

Towns / Villages

Abi L.G.A Zip Codes

Akamkpa L.G.A Zip Codes

Bakassi L.G.A Zip Codes

Bekwarra L.G.A Zip Codes

Boki L.G.A Zip Codes

Obubra L.G.A Zip Codes

Obudu L.G.A Zip Codes

Agbo Abi

Ajere Abi

Ebom Abi

Ediba Abi

Idomi Abi

Igbo Abi

Nkpolo Abi

Egup-Ipa Akamkpa

Ehom Akamkpa

Erei Akamkpa

Iko Ekpe-Rem Akamkpa

Ikpai Akamkpa

Netin Akamkpa

North West (Ito) Akamkpa

Oban Akamkpa

Ojuk Akamkpa

Ubang-Hara Akamkpa

Umon Akamkpa

Uyanga Akamkpa

Atimbo (East) Bakassi

Atimbo (West) Bakassi

Iboku Bakassi

Ikang North Bakassi

Ikang South Bakassi

Ikangu Central Bakassi

Ikot Edem Odo Bakassi

Ikot Naka-Nda Bakassi

Ikot Nakawda (North) Bakassi

New Netim Bakassi

Odot Edion Bakassi

Odukpani (East) Bakassi

Odukpani (West) Bakassi

Okoyong (South) Bakassi

Abuochiche Bekwarra

Afrike Bekwarra

Eastern Yala Bekwarra

Ekajuk Bekwarra

Gabu Bekwarra

Gakem Bekwarra

Mbube Bekwarra

Nkum Bekwarra

North Ukele Bekwarra

Ogoja Urban Bekwarra

South Ukele Bekwarra

Western Yala Bekwarra

Yache Bekwarra

Abawyum Boki

Akpara-Bong Boki

Boje Boki

Eastern Boki Boki

Ikom (Rural) Boki

Nde Boki

Northern Etung Boki

NTA Boki

Ofutop Boki

Osokom Boki

Southern Etung Boki


Aiport Calabar

Bogobiri Calabar

Dan Archibon Calabar

Ediba Calabar

Egerton Area II Calabar

Egerton Calabar

Ekpo Abasi Calabar

Essien Town Calabar

Eta Agbor Calabar

Goldie Calabar

Ikorinim Calabar

Ikot Ansa Calabar

Ikot Omin Calabar

Stadium Calabar

State Housing Estate Calabar

Uwanse Calabar


Abakpa Ikom

Biko Ikom

Bisiri Ikom

Bojor Achibong Ikom

Calabar Rd Ikom

Comm. Sec. Sch. Ikom

Local Govt. Councl Ikom

Main Market Ikom

Mission Road Ikom

Obudu Rd Ikom

Ogja Rd Ikom

Okim Osabor Rd Ikom

Okuku Ikom

Post Office Forestry Ikom

Scout Lane Ikom

Udama Ubug Ikom

Ukamusha Ikom

Ukelle Ikom

Ukwel Ikom

Iyalla Obubra

Obubra Urban Obubra

Ofat (Adum) Obubra

Ofodua (Adum) Obubra

Ofombo-Ngha Obubra

Okom Obubra

Osopong Obubra

Alege Obudu

Becheve Obudu

Bettee Obudu

North Oban-Liku Obudu

Obudu (Rura) Obudu

Okpe Obudu

South Oban-Liku Obudu

Ugang Obudu

Unpe Obudu

Utanga Obudu

Utugwang Obudu

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Nigeria Postal code & Zip Codes

Nigeria Postal code consist of six numeic digits. There are six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, which are North East, North West, North Central, South South, South East, South West.

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Cross River State postal code