Anambra State Postal Code

This is a Complete list of Anambra State Postal Code of towns, local government and Villages. Anambra State Zip code is the same as Postal code or Anambra State Postcode. Below we have the full list of postal code for local government area and their district.

This list is organized by areas, districts and street. Mostly all the street in each area have the same postal/zip code. The Anambra State state Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each streets. The streets are under the area .

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Please take note that Anambra State Zip code is the same as Postal code.

List of Anambra State Postal Code, Towns, Villages and  L.G.A

Local Governments

Towns / Villages

Aguata L.G.A Zip Codes

Anambra East L.G.A Zip Codes

Anambra West L.G.A Zip Codes

Anaocha L.G.A Zip Codes

Awka North L.G.A Zip Codes

Awka South L.G.A Zip Codes

Ayamelum L.G.A Zip Codes

Dunukofia L.G.A Zip Codes

Ekwusigo L.G.A Zip Codes

Idemili North L.G.A Zip Codes

Idemili South L.G.A Zip Codes

Ihiala L.G.A Zip Codes

Njikoka L.G.A Zip Codes

Nnewi North L.G.A Zip Codes

Nnewi South L.G.A Zip Codes

Ogbaru L.G.A Zip Codes

Orumba North L.G.A Zip Codes

Orumba South L.G.A Zip Codes

Oyi L.G.A Zip Codes

Achina Aguata

Agulueze-Chukwu Aguata

Akpu Aguata

Amesi Aguata

Ekwulobia Aguata

Ezinifite Aguata

Igbo-Ukwu Aguata

Ikenga Aguata

Isuofia Aguata

Nkpologwu Aguata

Ora-Eri Aguata

Uga Aguata

Umuchu Aguata

Aguleri Anambra East

Eziagulu-Out Anambra East

Igbariam Anambra East

Nando Anambra East

Nsugbe Anambra East

Otuocha Anambra East

Umuleri Anambra East

Enug-Out Anambra West

Ezianam Anambra West

Ifite Anam Anambra West

Nzam Anambra West

Olumbanasa Anambra West

Oroma Etiti Anambra West

Umuen-Welum Anambra West

Adazi-Ani Anaocha

Adazi-Enu Anaocha

Adazi-Nnukwu Anaocha

Agulu Anaocha

Agulu-Uzoigbo Anaocha

Akwaeze Anaocha

Ichida Anaocha

Neni Anaocha

Nri Anaocha

Obeledu Anaocha

Achalla Awka North

Amansea Awka North

Amanuke Awka North

Ebenebe Awka North

Isu-Aniocha Awka North

Mgbakwu Awka North

Ugbene Awka North

Ugbuenu Awka North

Ukum Awka North

Amawbia Awka South

Awka-Ifite Awka South

Ezinato Awka South

Isiagu Awka South

Mbaukwu Awka South

Nibo Awka South

Nise Awka South

Okpuno Awka South

Umuawulu Awka South


Asu Tech Area Awka

Cemestry Area Awka

High Court Awka

Industrial Layout Awka

Izuocha Layout Awka

Obunagu Vill. Awka

Anaku Ayamelum

Ifite Ogwari Ayamelum

Igbakwu Ayamelum

Omasi Ayamelum

Omor Ayamelum

Umueji Ayamelum

Umuerum Ayamelum

Umumbo Ayamelum

Ifite-Ukpo Dunukofia

Nawgu Dunukofia

Ukpo Dunukofia

Ukwulu Dunukofia

Umudioka Dunukofia

Umunachi Dunukofia

Ichi Ekwusigo

Ihembosi Ekwusigo

Oraifite Ekwusigo

Ozubulu Ekwusigo

Abacha Idemili North

Abatete Idemili North

Eziowelle Idemili North

Ideani Idemili North

Nkpor Idemili North

Obosi (Rural) Idemili North

Ogidi (Rural) Idemili North

Oraukwu Idemili North

Uke Idemili North

Umuoji Idemili North

Akwa-Etiti Idemili South

Akwu Idemili South

Alor Idemili South

Nnobi Idemili South

Nnokwa Idemili South

Oba Idemili South

Ojoto Idemili South

Amorka Ihiala

Azia Ihiala

Ihiala Ihiala

Isseke Ihiala

Mbosi Ihiala

Okija Ihiala

Osumoghu Ihiala

Ubulusiozor Ihiala

Uli Ihiala

Abagana Njikoka

Abba Njikoka

Enugwu-Agidi Njikoka

Enugwu-Ukwu Njikoka

Nawfia Njikoka

Nimo Njikoka

Nnewi (Rural) Nnewi North

Akwaihedi Nnewi South

Amichi Nnewi South

Azigbo Nnewi South

Ebenator Nnewi South

Ekwulu-Mili Nnewi South

Ezinifite Nnewi South

Osumenyi Nnewi South

Ukpor Nnewi South

Unubi Nnewi South

Utuh Nnewi South

Akili Ogidi Ogbaru

Amiyi Ogbaru

Atani Ogbaru

Mputu Ogbaru

Obea-Gwe Ogbaru

Ochuche Ogbaru

Odekpe Ogbaru

Ogba-Kuba Ogbaru

Oguu-Aniocha Ogbaru

Ogwu-Ikpele Ogbaru

Okoili-Ozizor Ogbaru

Oshita Ogbaru

Osso-Mala Ogbaru

Umu-Uzu Ogbaru

Umunan-Kwo Ogbaru


Aforadike Onitsha

Agulu A Onitsha

Akuzor Rd Onitsha

Akuzor Village Onitsha

Amafor Onitsha

Awka Rd Onitsha

Ejikeme Qtrs Onitsha

GRA I Onitsha

GRA II Onitsha

GRA III Onitsha

Iweka Rd Onitsha

New Market Rd Onitsha

Niger Bridge Head Rd Onitsha

Nkpor New Mkt. Onitsha

Obompa Onitsha

Odoakpu Onitsha

Odume Layout I Onitsha

Odume Layout II Onitsha

Ogidi Onitsha

Oguta Rd Onitsha

Omagba Lyt Phase I & II Onitsha

Onyeabo St Onitsha

Ose I Onitsha

Ose II Onitsha

Three Three I Onitsha

Ububa Onitsha

Umuota Onitsha

Umusiome Ibo Onitsha

Uper Iweka Onitsha

Uruowulu Village Onitsha

Zik A Onitsha

Ajalli Orumba North

Akpu Orumba North

Amaokpala Orumba North

Ameatiti Orumba North

Awa Orumba North

Awgbu Orumba North

Nanka Orumba North

Ndikeli-Onwu Orumba North

Ndiokolo Orumba North

Ndiokpala Orumba North

Ndiowu Orumba North

Ndiu-Kwuenu Orumba North

Oko Orumba North

Okpoeze Orumba North

Omogho Orumba North

Ufuma Orumba North

Agbudu Orumba South

Enugu-Umuonyia Orumba South

Eziagu Orumba South

Ezira Orumba South

Ihite Orumba South

Isulo Orumba South

Nawfija Orumba South

Ndiok-Paleze Orumba South

Nkereh Orumba South

Ogboji Orumba South

Ogbunka Orumba South

Onneh Orumba South

Owerre-Ezukala Orumba South

Umunze Orumba South

Umuomaku Orumba South

Agbunike Oyi

Awkuzu Oyi

Nkwelle Oyi

Nteje Oyi

Umuneba Oyi

Umunya Oyi

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Nigeria Postal code & Zip Codes

Nigeria Postal code consist of six numeic digits. There are six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, which are North East, North West, North Central, South South, South East, South West.

Anambra State postal code